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Chess Free Review

OS: 4.1 and up
Author:AI Factory Limited
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Publication date:June 16, 2020


Chess Free Review

Publicated: 03 Jun 2020

Chess Free is a mobile game for smartphones and tablets on Android. You’ll enjoy a turn-based strategy and pondering moves in advance to defeat the enemy. The app got a special award as one of the best games thanks to its nice interface, good graphics, and gameplay that allows you to play both with artificial intelligence or with a friend. 

The Essence of the Game

The game features twelve levels. At the first level, you won’t have any problems winning. The subsequent levels are for more experienced players. In addition to fighting with a computer, players can compete with each other. The app also includes eight different chess boards and five different sets of items. The capabilities of the app will surprise you.

Graphics and Audio

The app can boast of its beautiful high-quality graphics in the style of wood and marble. Users can change the appearance, i.e. the shape of the pieces and the color of the chessboard: white-brown, white-green, or white-black. Outside the board, there is a box with a list of killed pieces. When playing chess with a friend, you can automatically scroll the board, so that each player picking up a smartphone sees his pieces from below and the enemy from above. If the phone just lies on the table between the players, you can turn off this option, and then it will be like a real chessboard.



  • With 12 levels available, you can grow from a beginner to an expert
  • Excellent graphics and 3D chessboard
  • Treebeard engine
  • Chess training


  • The commercials can’t be skipped
  • Your virtual opponent can leave the game at any moment

If necessary, you can turn on tips that allow you to cope with opponents that are too complicated for you. You can turn on the automatic backlighting of the piece you want to move. On the main menu select One Player or Multiplayer mode to start a new round. You can also download the saved game to continue. You won’t have any problems with the controls as all you need is to move pieces on the chessboard.


The app will be real fun for chess lovers and those who want to master this board game. Thanks to the special training option, you can learn many tactics without any additional guides. It is possible to monitor your progress and view statistics. Otherwise, you can play with real opponents.

Total Score 5/5

Unlike other similar games, with Chess Free, you can develop your skills using the training option. The app also has an easy-to-learn interface, nice functionality, and appealing design.

Emma Brewer
Editor, author of The QuickHelpApp Blog

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