Get Your Funny Bone Moooving with The Milking App

Forget the zombie apocalypse, cows are where it’s at. We’ve heard of the happy cows and the laughing cows, but The Milking App from has Daizy – the cow with attitude. The Milking App is really nothing more than an entertainment app featuring a cow named Daizy who’s hanging out on her virtual farm waiting to be milked. If you’re up to the task, she’ll reward you with some slapstick humor and cutesy animations.

The Milking App is the type of interactive entertainment app that is typically reserved for promoting and marketing purposes – but in this case, there’s no apparent hidden agenda or marketing tactics, just some comedic remarks and animations from a clever little cow. It’s really rather difficult to say what the purpose of The Milking App is, but what it offers is a bunch of milking challenges and one-on-one interaction with Daizy the cow – who you can also follow on Facebook and Twitter should you so desire.

Those of you looking for apps with a purpose, The Milking App is not for you – unless you’ve always wanted to pretend to virtually milk a cow. Those that can play around with something for the sake of goofing off get 13 different milking levels that challenge you to accumulate as much milk as possible as well as perform random bizarre milking challenges. Each milking level or task you complete unlocks any of a variety of Daizy animations, which can be viewed independently of the actual milking challenges.

A map of the farm where Daizy lives provides access to the app’s additional features like Facebook, Twitter, and Game Center integration. It also gives users access to the milk storage and milk log, where you can share milk with other users, but it’s a bit unclear what the point of sharing is – except of course to be nice. Essentially The Milking App is a combination of comic relief and a way to kill a moment’s boredom. Some of the milking challenges are amusing and others are bit confusing, like spraying the screen and slurping the milk, but cow non-sense and humor is the largest focus.

The Milking App is free to download and there are no additional in-app purchases, just some random opportunities to goof off and milk a cow. For whatever reason, the loading time is obnoxiously long when launching the app, but remains stable once loaded. While it has the appearance of being appropriate for all ages and contains nothing blatantly inappropriate, there may be some comments of antics that some parents would consider too “mature” for younger kids so cautious parents might want to preview or observe young children’s interactions. However, for the most part The Milking App is a silly, interactive entertainment app aiming to do nothing more than to maybe develop a cult following for Daizy the Cow.

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