Flipsy FREE Flipping In The Right Direction

Flipsy FREE iPhone app by myNewApps.com is a puzzle game played on a 3d board that allows you to flip and rotate the board in order to line up your colorful puzzle blocks and score points. The board is able to rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise 90 degrees at a time. When you elect to flip the board it simply flops upside down 180 degrees.

When you flip and rotate your Flipsy Free board you cause your puzzle blocks to constantly change the configuration causing them to line up differently each time. By matching like colors you are able to score points. The grey blocks can keep you from lining up a color strand but the Lava blocks can destroy they grey ones. There are also Joker blocks that are wild and by tapping on them you can use them as the color needed for that strand.

Flipsy offers readily available game hints during play as well as the game standard options of music and sounds. The colors and graphics of the game are superb and the flipping and rotating provide for some strategy and thinking ahead that many games frequently lack.

Flipsy is offered in 2 versions, the free version and the $.99 version. The free version is limited to the first 10 levels and is advertised as your opportunity to try before you buy. I tested the free version and while I found it to be fun and somewhat challenging, I also discovered it to be a bit easy. My suggestion would be if you are into puzzle games and think you might like it I’d head directly to the paid version. If you’re not sure you want to spend a buck up front, try out the free version and give it a try.

Much like the recently reviewed Gyrotate, Flipsy offers a nice change to some of the more popular puzzle apps. For puzzle enthusiasts looking for a little something different to add to their repitoire of fun, Flipsy FREE iPhone app by myNewApps.com offers a unique spin, or shall I say flip, to the game.

Hello everybody! I dedicated this blog to applications and games that I think deserve attention. I hope you will be interested! Enjoy :)

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