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Cash App Review: Easy Finance App

Publicated: 09 Jun 2020

Cash App is a safe and easy app for managing your finances. Download Cash App to send and receive money completely for free, being protected by advanced encryption algorithms.

Interface 9/10

First of all, Cash App apk is really good-looking. Everything from the overall color scheme that mixes pleasant green with simple white to all the fonts the app uses is great, and I was very impressed to find such smart design in a small finance app. The interface itself is quite intuitive: you won’t get puzzled by where all of your money went or why can’t you send a certain sum to your friend – everything here is perfectly clear.

Features 8/10

This Cash App latest version has enough features to cover most of your needs when it comes to managing any aspect of your personal finances. It allows you to send and receive money almost instantly, receive deposits a couple of days earlier than is standard in most cases, and invest in stocks with just a few taps. There are not many options in this app, but every feature it has works smoothly and transparently, allowing you to know and understand everything about your money.

In addition to those basic features, Cash App has a couple of minor functions, including a customizable virtual Visa debit card that comes with an option to get a physical Cash Card. The app also allows you to buy, store, and sell Bitcoin – and you can easily move your coins to other wallets, with no commission. And when it comes to security, your money (including BTC) is completely safe with this app. Cash App employs a really advanced system of encryption that makes sure your account won’t be accessed by a hacker.

Performance 7/10


  • Lots of features
  • Great interface
  • Simple and safe
  • Low commissions


  • Occasional bugs
  • No live support

While the app looks good and has a lot of really useful features, it’s definitely not bug-free. Most of such bugs are merely annoying, so usually you can resolve a problem by reinstalling the app or restarting your phone – at least that’s I’ve experienced so far. So you may consider this Cash App review a recommendation.

Pricing 8/10

The app is free, and it doesn’t even have any premium options – all of its features are open to you from day one. However, it does have a system of commissions for certain operations, including buying or selling stocks, exchanging Bitcoin, and so on. These commissions seem to be not that high, but you still have to keep them in mind – and don’t forget that investing is not completely safe.

The Verdict

The Cash App Android version is fast and smooth, and its ability to send money instantly seems very important to me. Download Cash App and check it out yourself.

Emma Brewer
Editor, author of The QuickHelpApp Blog

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