Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? Review

OS: 4.2 and up
Author:Viral Games For Everyone
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Publication date:August 05, 2020


Would You Rather? Review

Publicated: 03 Jun 2020

Would You Rather? is a mobile version of a popular board game developed by Viral Games For Everyone. Here you’ll find lots of random questions with two answers. Once you choose your option, the app tells you the percentage of users that made the same decision.  You can select from six languages.

The Essence of the Game

All questions for the game were prepared either by the developer’s team or other users. You can also track the results of the game and report questions you may think improper or graceless. Some of the questions are really curious, unusual, philosophical, or even absurd, so you’ll break your head while making a decision. If you are tired of answering questions, send your own ones.

Graphics and Audio

The app is designed in an utterly minimalistic style. First, you should select a language. Then you’ll see a screen divided into two parts, blue and red. Each of them has two answers to the game’s initial question “Would you rather?” Once you answered the question, you’ll see the statistics on it (a number of votes for each option). Then select Skip and move to the following question. For example, would you rather have a third leg or have a third arm? Or, would you rather be a cat or be a dog? The adds appear at the bottom of the screen and sometimes in the middle of it.



  • The simplest quiz ever without the wrong answers
  • Real-time results to compare with other users
  • Lots of humorous and funny questions with no levels or challenges to achieve


  • Contains commercials
  • Low immersion
  • Not for indecisive people

The app’s mechanics is pretty simple, so you’ll be able to start it without any tutorials or rules. If you cannot decide which answer to select, just press Skip and move on to the following question.


To be honest, you can be bored pretty soon with this game. All you need is to tap a screen and select one of two answers. It can be a nice time waster when you are standing in a queue or waiting for a friend. No challenges, no enemies, just relax, meditate, and continue answering. Once the questions begin to repeat, the game will be more boring.

Total Score 3.5/5

Make new choices every day and compare them with the answers of other users. It’s high time to decide would you rather be a dragon or keep a dragon. If you need to kick the boredom without studying complicated rules and completing challenges, Would You Rather is a nice option.

Emma Brewer
Editor, author of The QuickHelpApp Blog

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