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Publication date:July 06, 2020


Allstate Identity Protection Review

Publicated: 04 Jun 2020

Allstate Identity Protection is a smart app to secure your personal information on your mobile developed by Allstate Insurance Co. Upon signing in, you’ll get lots of useful options to restore your data. The developers combined AI resources with human operatives so you could use Dark Web any time.


  • View alerts and respond to them immediately.
  • Monitor the Dark Web to protect your accounts and credentials.
  • Check your credit right at your fingerprints.
  • Privacy advocate protects you 24/7.
  • Full protection from loss and theft.
  • Keep track of your digital footprint.


The app has intuitive navigation and a menu so that you can find all the necessary information quickly and easily. On the dashboard, you’ll see the main options: credit monitoring, digital footprint, financial transaction, social media, and Dark Web monitoring. Add your ID, credit card credentials, web logins, and email addresses. In case of any unusual credit activity, you’ll get an alert stating an inquiring party, time, and date. Otherwise, you can get an alert on a compromised email, a suspicious large transaction, or breach of your account in the social networks. Confirm that it was your action or submit an alert. In case of a breach, the app shows you all options possible.



  • High level of identity protection
  • A great combination of artificial intelligence and human work
  • The app is developed by a reliable insurance company
  • High-end identity health
  • Restoration services in case of digital theft
  • Security training
  • Solicitation reduction


  • Some advanced features and identity theft insurance are not for free

The app’s blue and white design looks business-like. The screen is divided into two parts: monitoring and recourses on the left side, and your personal data (digital and lost email addresses) on the right. On the opposite of each credential, you can see whether it is actively monitored.


Today, our digital lives are very important. We store personal information in our mobiles that needs to be protected. Don’t let anyone commit fraud in your name. The illegal activities may go undiscovered for years, that’s why you should detect them as soon as possible. I recommend you to download Allstate Identity Protection app as it can protect you from financial losses and emotional burden with just one click. It also safeguards the data you share in social media.

Emma Brewer
Editor, author of The QuickHelpApp Blog

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